The difference between “would-be” digital products and the “successful” ones

A lovely note from coaching student Melissa today:

“[Name concealed] reached out to about teaching her Audition. I know I can offer courses with After Effects and Premiere Pro. I have been reaching out to my email list and followers to see if there is anything specific they would like t learn. Next Sunday will be a good test run on possible Live trainings.”

^^I like this.


Because it’s early enough in the process do things the right way.

I.e. – the way I recommend.


Let’s say you’ve discovered something you know enough about to teach and have the serendipitous event of someone asking you for help with it.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Decide on a price or if you’ll be doing it for free (nothing wrong with that at this stage)
  2. Validate this as product with your list


What sets apart most would-be digital products and the successful ones (that make money) is what you do next.

It’s easy to say “I have a product on my hands!”

Or, better,

“I’m going to make a course on this!”

But that’s not the next best step.

What is it then, you ask?

You have to validate it with your list in small chunks.


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Jeremy Montoya


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