Products that make sales while you’re off making making mimis

A comment from my buddy Gregg Clunis on yesterday’s post on product launching:

solid advice here. I love the idea of offering services first to get a good gauge of the market and then jumping into products. Think of it as multiple streams of income. Stream #1 is your super involved service and is the easiest to establish. Stream #2 is your coaching or consulting, less hours spent by you but still hands on. Stream #3 then becomes your product.

Each level depends on the level before it in order to have maximum impact and add maximum dollars to your account.

SO many people want passive income,

but they don’t see that it takes plenty of time and hard work to set the ground before it can be done right.

Unless you have a ton of money,

are already time-free,

and know how to successfully launch and sell a product online…

Listen up:

If you do things out of order you’re going to waste a TON of time and energy that could’ve been better spent.

The process = hypothesis service > ask for $ > get a “yes” > create product.

If you know a subject more than most people

(or are willing to learn it)

then offering a coaching program is one of the best things you do.

Once it’s in place

(the way I teach in the upcoming Email Elite Exclusive Training, which, you still have exactly a week to join in and get)

you can then create digital products that make sales while you’re off making making mimis.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

I don’t care if you join,

but if you’re on this list and still decide to do things out of order then that’s on you.


it’s my duty as your trusted friend to lead you in the right direction.

More details on the program here.

Jeremy Montoya


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