You’ll always remember your first

Just got home from a local mastermind meet up.

A dinner and wine type of thing with the guys.

As it came time for me to share what’s working, coming up, and what kind of support I’m looking for

I shared that a cousin will be moving in with me for the next 3 months.

I look around right now at my day-to-day and the life I’m living and I’ve worked damn hard for it.

So I’m slightly concerned about opening it up.

Now, to the other end I’m also excited.

He’ll be living with 4 cool dudes,

3 of which are business owners.

Meaning he could have enough work to make a fine living helping us.

But he has to want it.

Any who,

this is a first for me so it was nice to hear my buddy John offer a hand since he’s done this a few times with close folks in his life.

Speaking of firsts,

it seems as though most are in a rush to create their first course these days…

… and they overlook some basic steps that need to be in place before a launch can be close to a success.


  • validating their idea
  • seeing if people will pay for it
  • understanding that courses aren’t the only types of products

^^those bases needed to be covered, sweetheart.

I shared how to validate your idea and some next steps on periscope earlier, you can catch that here.

(for the next 16 hours or so)

For those who are serious about their first or next product, look no further than Email Elite.

Your membership gets you 3 one on one coaching calls,

monthly q&a “Jam” sessions,

and a monthly Exclusive Training.

This month = why you need a coaching program and how to guarantee it’s a success.

There’s a first for everything.

And when it comes to your products you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Make it one to remember.

Off to unwind,

Jeremy Montoya

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