They’ll hate when you’re great

Last night the NBA finals came to an end.

Even if you aren’t a sports fan,

there are some big takeaways you can apply to grow your business and launch products online.


< Dealing With Haters >

The Cleveland Cavaliers won in San Francisco.

From start to finish you could hear the Golden State fans constantly booing.

Yet, the Cavs pushed through the final seconds and came out with the W.

Do you think the booing gets under their skin?

It could.

But at the end of the day it’s the great ones who will be hated the most.

</ Dealing With Haters >

Another lesson…

< Coming Back >

LeBron James (the star of the Cleveland Cavaliers) is an Ohio-grown man.

The entire state watched him grow up and knew he was destined for greatness.

He got drafted to Cleveland right out of high school and it was picture perfect.

Until he left.

The Cavs just didn’t have a winning organization, so he chose one who did.

LeBron left for Miami where he won two championships.

Then he went back home…

… and last night he brought the trophy back home with him.

Sometimes you have to take sidesteps (or even back-steps) to make huge forward progress to accomplish World Class things in your business and life.

Most won’t understand what being “World Class” means –

– and will make you feel guilty for trying.

< / Coming Back >

I know you’re up to World Class things right now.

One of the biggest ways we serve the World is through our products.

If you’ve never launched a product before, haven’t experienced stellar results yet, or are looking to launch a product soon,

(and want it to be World Class)

you’ll want to wait.

The upcoming Exclusive Training inside of Email Elite walks you through avoiding product launch failure and what to do instead.

Here’s to being World Class,

Jeremy Montoya

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