Sell out

Live from 112º in Phoenix, Arizona.

While it’s extremely hot and can cause some extreme irritability, it really brings our your true character fast.

It’s much like asking someone to pony up and invest in one of your products.

You see, everyone wants to buy before you have a product.

They’ll tell you left and right about what you should make.

But the second it comes time to put their money where their mouth is,

it’s a different story.

When I launched my first product

(a coaching program that sold out)

I noticed that the people who bought were on my list less than 45 days.

The lessons?

  1. Make offers
  2. You need a constant stream of leads
  3. A sale is when someone invests, not when they say they will

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All in all,

you have to ask for money and solve problems that people are needing help with.

Everything else is a distraction from the task at hand.

Here’s to not melting,

Jeremy Montoya

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