Getting the right people to invest in your online products

Writing this to you from my favorite coffee shop in my old stomping grounds.

I remember “back in the day” when Chandler wasn’t a destination for anyone because their wasn’t anything to do.

Now this place has a nice mall, tons of restaurants, and even a night life.

It’s been fun watching it grow.

Speaking of growth,

let’s get into today’s lesson.

(before I get too nostalgic about this place)

Just like the humble beginnings of my town, we all go through growth as business owners –

– and we’ll all have a time where we sell our first product online.

For some it’s a quick process,

and for others is a long,

daunting road.

The hard part isn’t creating your first online product.


we all have dozens of ideas for what products we could create.

Where things get challenging is getting the right people to open their wallet.

Why is getting people to pay so damn hard?

For one, we’re usually scared to ask.

Second, it may not be the product they’re looking for.

^^#2 is usually what I see keeping most people from making any mula online.

Combating this in the short-run comes down to your approach and willingness to “put yourself out there”.


I’m sharing the exact steps (and questions) you need to ask in order to not only make sure your product is a success,

but to also make certain that the right people say “yes” and invest their hard-earned cash with you.

It’s a part of this month’s Email Elite Training.

On top of three coaching calls for us to dive specifically into your biz (one on one), you’ll get a monthly training designed to take the critical aspects of a successful online business and hand them to you on a silver platter.

This month = launching a coaching program the right way.

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