No one would dare buy from me

Back when I first started building my email list I didn’t have anything to offer.

So I’d pop up in my subscribers inbox, maybe recommend a product I was an affiliate for, and then bounce.

And on most days there wasn’t even a link to click.

As I look back at those subscribers who were with me for the 6–7 months I didn’t make an offer, I realize none of them them have ever bough from me.


But that’s OK.

Lesson learned.

Zoom into the present moment and my most loyal customers (and happiest) are ones that found me and invested their hard-earned dollars with me in the first two weeks of finding out about me and have gotten stellar results.

The difference?

Now I have things to sell.

When I sat and brainstormed things I could offer, it sounded something like this in my head:

“Self, what could we offer our list that they would love and benefit from?…

A course! Of COURSE!

I mean, isn’t everyone else doing it???”

Luckily for me I didn’t go that route.

Instead I got subscribers on the phone and asked them what their problems were.

When I felt I could help, I offered it.

^^this sparked my first product: coaching.

I started it with out a lead magnet, minimal planning, and no sales page.

And from those calls I created even more products…

Just like Email Elite.

In fact, this months Exclusive Training covers exactly how to start, launch, and grow and coaching program of your very own.

Just because everyone has a course doesn’t mean that’s the next best step for you.

So if products are in your cards, this month’s training gots you covered.

More about the dealio here:

Jeremy Montoya

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