A scosche of “figure it out”

It’s been 3 days since we last spoke,

which feels like forever.

I’ve been heads down in a few projects and also took a much needed break from a few things.

You know,

in order to hit certain goals in your life you have to sacrifice other priorities in the short-term.

For instance:

Getting (and staying) in the habit of spending 1 hour on physical activity hasn’t been easy.

And while 1 hour doesn’t sound like a lot, it has to take away from something else…

Family, social activities, writing, sleep.


But, if you focus on the right things you can actually add to all other areas of your life in the long-run.

It’s just a matter of what are you willing to sacrifice right now.


Let’s shift for a second and talk about a little-known fact about how I made my first dollars online:


In fact, it’s where I recommend 90% of my students and Elite Members start before creating a digital product.

The pros:

  • You can do it “on the fly”
  • You don’t risk creating a product that no one wants
  • You get paid to take that material and turn it into a digital product

That said, this month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training will give you the nuts and bolts of exactly how to launch a coaching program of your very own.

(even if you’ve never sold a product before)

It doesn’t require much of a list,

just a little bit of “know-how” and a scosche of “figure it out”.

But, you won’t be alone.

Read more about the finer deets of Email Elite here:


Off to the gym I go,

Jeremy Montoya

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