Feeling thrilled by climbing hills

Writing this from my favorite hometown coffee shop.

While I don’t live in the area anymore, it’s always nice to visit.

At one point, it was my “Cheers”, so to say— and it’s nice to get a warm welcome every time I’m back.

Ok, on to business.

In my note to you yesterday, we covered the habit of success.

Today we’ll be talking about a much overlooked aspect of becoming successful in anything:


In your journey there are two approaches you’ll need to implement equal amounts of:

Short-term and long-term strategies.

For instance:

I get many requests for help starting or growing a business from scratch with an email list.

But when I start asking questions I find that most people need money right away.

In this situation,

I’d recommend building your client-base first (by building a “reverse email list”) and then focusing on scaling with an online presence from there.

Short term = get clients and money now.

Long term = use the client experience to start creating your content,


and to build your email list.

This goes against much of what’s taught online these days, but it’s what you need to hear.

To achieve balance, I recommend doing something I once read in “The ONE Thing”:


It’s where you put all of your effort into one thing until you get the desired result.

^^this is how you get major results quickly.

I’d personally rather conquer mountains than to feel thrilled by climbing hills.


Sometimes your peers and family will make you feel guilty for an imbalance of your priorities,

so we’ll tackle that tomorrow.

Jeremy Montoya


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