Crossing the “habit gap”

Coming to you from the backseat of my buddies car.

We just got done watching game 4 of the NBA Playoffs — but it’s time to get back to biz before enjoying the evening.

Ok, yesterday we left off on scheduling.

Now let’s talk about what to schedule.

There are 6 things you must have as repeating appointments — that way it pops up day after day.

They are:

  • Scheduling – yes, you need to have 2–5 (depending how serious you are) appointments to look at your day and adjust on the fly
  • Writing/Intentions – this is time to set the tone for your day and give “thanks” for the chance you have to create your own destiny. More on this in a future note
  • Productivity time – budget time for your work, building your list, creating content, client work, and self-development
  • Physical activity – at least one hour per day
  • Meals – you’d be surprised at how much this can take when you calculate cooking, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Family – this is time to be around the people you care about most (doesn’t have to be blood-related)
  • Rest/Mediation – in order to stay sharp, you must rest your mind and body. This could range from “sleep” to doing something you enjoy

At this point,

you might be asking “why” – and the answer is easy:

  1. Success is a habit
  2. Habits take time to form
  3. Therefore, we should schedule that time to eliminate as much of the “habit gap” as possible

OK, go get those things on your calendar.

Off to “rest” with some friends and adult-shaped beverages.

Jeremy Montoya


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