mythological business creatures

Funny story:

I just got my website ripped to shreds by a couple friends.

Not in a bad way, either.

They pointed out some key things I need to address.

If you’re curious about the feedback, just hit reply.

This got me thinking…

You should never have a bunch of “yes men”-style people around you all the time.

Stick with the people who tell you what you need to hear without the B.S.

Because there’s enough BS out there in wild.

That said, let’s get into today’s lesson.

Where were we?

Ah, yes, following up relentlessly.

In the grand scheme,

you need to have a relentless attitude as you navigate your ways through these online business waters.

Their will be perceived obstacles,

actual obstacles,

(which are really still just perceived obstacles)

and then there will be you – just continuing to push through.

Let’s face it,

once you start getting replies to your emails from the people you’re targeting in your industry,

you have to take that conversation somewhere.

Here are a few ideas for where these convos can lead to:

  • You discover an idea for a recurring service you can offer them <- this means immediate revenue which = ideal
  • You become friends, meet up IRL, and talk business rainbows and self-development unicorn dust (not likely, but hey…)
  • You can help with in the form of a guest post or podcast interview <- this results in leads and clicks
  • You create a product together
  • You have people they need to meet, or they have people you need to meet (networking, baby)

The possibilities are endless.

Following these lessons creates one thing:

An environment of serendipity.

And that, my friend,

Is where the magic happens.

Off to dream of mythological business creatures,

Jeremy Montoya


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