Channeling your inner Turtle (and Rabbit)

I’ve been skipping out on the gym lately.

The excuse:

“too busy”

^ does that sound familiar? ^

Any who,

you can’t skip out on working your body if you’ve been working your mind all day.


running off to a movie in a second – so let’s get right into it.

Today’s lesson is on list-building.

You now know how to find your market’s deep-rooted problems,

the importance of having an audience,

and how to make your product unique.

Let’s again focus today on the audience aspect.

It seems obvious that there are two ways to grow your list:

Fast or slow.


(and I wish I learned this sooner)

there is a way to find a balance between the Tortoise and the Hare – so to say.

If we circle back to the story of Turtle vs. Rabbit,

the Turtle had a much overlooked advantage that’s seldom talked about…

… he had an entire crowd cheering him on.

Here’s what I’m getting at (to keep this brief):

You have to balance out the Turtle and Rabbit within.


By joining forces with others.

I’m talking building your relationships with other people in your space.

Marketing (at the end of the day) is about finding where your audience is and going there.

So your assignment today is simple:

Make a list of 7 (trust me, I chose this number with reason) other names of people in your space –

– and send them a simple hello.

++ bonus points if you’re familiar with their work and can comment on it ++

This will be harder than it sounds.

Tomorrow –

– we talk about what to do with this list of 7.

Good day,

Jeremy Montoya


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