Get your market’s cheeks in the seats

A few years back I took a stab at this whole ‘online business’ thing.

I tried social media,

reading every book I could get my hands on,

and was buying courses left and right promising to grow my business “from scratch” with webinars.

None of it worked.

That was until I cut out all of the distractions, stopped intaking so much (crap) content, and started focusing on the basics.

That’s when I started making money – and that’s when I started bringing in customers.

You have to be clear about what you want and how to get it…

And you have to avoid distractions.

Turn off the TV in the background,

only listen to qualified people for advice,

and avoid the shiny tactics.



Once you have that down,

you have to get someone from your target market to put their cheeks in the seat in front of you…

… and shut up.

This is your chance to listen to their needs and uncover the problem.

Off to walk Elvis.

A few questions you can lead with (and how they convert your conversation into a sale) in the next note.

Be on the lookout.

Jeremy Montoya

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