That b-word has it right

Saw this quote earlier that rang a bell:

“We are not tied to a specific technology or skill set – we are tied to our customers and work backward from that.”

You know,

it can feel like you’re making progress on building your business by signing up for an email service provider,

setting up your blog,

or getting biz cards created.

But those things only distract you from doing what matters most:

Creating things your people want and buy.

I see the former happen so often that it hurts my neck.

A few years ago that was me…

worried about WP plugins and my website’s name.

No more.

And I flat-out won’t let you do the same.

You’re too good for that and your message is far too important to fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.

The quote above is from Jeff Bezos.

The ‘B-Word’ (as I call him), has it right.

If you want your message to stick, then go first to your market and customers to find their problems…

Then solve them.

I’m about to indulge on this delicious vegan creation.

So more on this tomorrow.

Jeremy Montoya


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