Behind every click lies a Hare getting you to tick

I get some weird looks whenever I disclose my favorite business book.

Most people standby waiting to hear something like “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Or, better:

Awaken The Giant Within”.

But it’s neither.

It’s actually “The Tortoise And The Hare”.

While it’s never been easier to setup websites, create a funnel, or even publish a book…

… it’s never been harder to be successful at it.

(meaning “making money”)

In the grand scheme of things,

there are few people with the fortitude strong enough to pick a lane and stay in it.

Around every corner and behind every click lies a Hare selling you a growing amount of fluff and distractions that make you feel like you’re making progress, and looking like a champ–

–but below the line your checking account stays the same.

How do I know?

Because these Hares got me before.


probably the only reason I’m emailing you today is because I was in it for “the long run”.

Which is exactly what the Tortoise teaches us.

Did Tortoise vs. Hare take place IRL?

Chance is not.

But the story sticks with you after only hearing it once.

So it should be with your products and message.

With storytelling,

you know a good one when you hear it.

But it’s knowing how to actually tell effective stories that’s so critical for anyone who’s created a business “for the long run”.

In related news:

The upcoming Email Elite Exclusive Training centers around critical aspects of effective storytelling for online business owners.

So if you want your content not only standing out, but converting onlookers into life-long customers, then stand against the Hare.

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Jeremy Montoya


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