List risk

I’m rehydrated, refueled, and happy with the dirty chia I’m sipping as I write this.

Last night we celebrated my sister’s 30th lap,

which got me thinking…

Celebrating and having a little bit of fun is essential, but it’s easy to get distracted by it.

For instance:

When Rome fell, the entire civilization was concerned with two things:

Entertainment (in the form of gladiator events) and food.

They got distracted, fattened up, and lost sight of what matters.

(this actually sounds a lot like today’s society)

It’s a similarly slippery slope in online business,

because if you stick to it long enough–

(and follow the right advice)

–you have the chance to be wildly financially successful…

Meaning you’ll have a million reasons to celebrate, but you have to keep your eyes on building your list and business or risk falling to one of the many distractions looming these days.

(shall we call this “list risk”??)


I enjoyed myself – but it’s back to biz.

Speaking of biz:

Tomorrow is the May Q&A Session for Email Elite Members.

^^this is one of the many things you get by becoming a member.

We’ll be diving into list-building and monetization q’s and obstacles to keep your business growing.

Something else you get when you join is access to a monthly Exclusive Training.

This month = “Storytelling: How To Avoid Boring People & Convince Them To Buy”

If you want access (as well as personal coaching at an extremely discounted price only for members) then I invite you to join before June 1.

With distractions everywhere, you’ll get the personal help and advice you need to stay focused on growing a rabid empire online…

… and avoid falling like the Romans.

Jeremy Montoya


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