Stand out like a sore thumb to your market

Just got done with a meeting with my good friend Damien.

He’s one of very few people who I’ll take advice from about branding

(because everyone thinks they know what they’re talking about, but few actually do).

We got to talking about something that very little actually focus on,

but more should:

Market positioning.

At the end of the day,

branding is the differentiating of yourself or a product from the rest of the market.


even if there are 14 other “me-too” brands or people in your space,

your job is to be the one that stands out.

How do you do it?


there are three ways to make your brand stand out like a sore thumb:

Make what your sharing easily digestible,


or relatable.


Effective storytelling ticks all three of these boxes.

In your market, people are experiencing problems that they want solved.

That’s why it’s so critical to know exactly what to do in order to reach your market and stand out…

… making email + storytelling the ultimate one-two punch.

If you want even more help creating a brand that stands out, then you need to go through this month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training.

In it,

You’ll find more than a few easy ways to be the remembered option in your market and leave your competitors wondering what you’re doing to be effective.

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Jeremy Montoya


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