How screenwriters avoid boring people to death

The most important asset you have in your online business–

(maybe even more-so than your email list)

–is attention from the right people.

For instance:

I hear many business owners online talking about bounce rates these days.

(as if they’re the ‘end-all’ metric for running a business)


it’s important to measure,

but how you actually create your content is the cure.

Example, you ask?

Take the last 5 TV shows you watched.

The ones that you enjoyed most were probably the ones that got your attention in the first few minutes.


Because you stuck around and didn’t head back to netflix to find something new.

In your content,

you have to do the same thing screenwriters have been doing for years:

Start with the climax first.

At the end of the day,

people join your list and buy because you captured their attention and kept it.

That’s why it’s imperative to your business that you understand the human psyche and play to it in every aspect of your content.

From podcasts, to Youtubes, Facebook ads, to your sales pages, and even your products.

It’s easier said then done,

but once you learn the basics you’ll see this everywhere.

(it’s almost unavoidable)

The key?

At the end of the day it’s knowing how to tell stories.

(and, avoiding boring your audience to death)

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Time’s a tickin’.

Jeremy Montoya

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