3 “Boredom Factors” causing your audience to fall asleep from your content and products

With so many aspects to creating a good story,

it’s easy to make mistakes.


if you’re selling products or services online it can cost you tons of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

While I don’t have enough room to list all of the mistakes I see being made on even a daily basis,

(trust me, there are many)

the number 1 mistake I see being made is people telling (potentially) interesting stories in a boring way.

Here are 3 “Boredom Factors” to avoid that indicate your audience is probably falling asleep from your content and products:

Boredom Factor #1: You’re story feels “too wide”

This happens when you ‘shoot for the moon’ and try covering every aspect of your topic.

With good storytelling you need to laser-focus your story as if you’re sharing it with a friend,

and not your entire HS yearbook.

Boredom Factor #2: You’re using fancy language to ‘spice it up’

This is one of the easier factors to identify,

but by this time it’s usually too late.

If, at any point in time,

you find yourself needing to ‘spin’ your words to make your story sound smarter or a little more fun,

then stop what you’re doing.

Boredom Factor #3: Even you’re bored by it

Let’s be honest:

No one thinks their child is ugly.

That’s why this is probably the hardest factor to face.

In order for your audience to be excited about your topic or product,

YOU have to be excited by it.

The cure?

Well, the simple formula for solving this is inside this month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training.


I’m not that mean,

I’ll give you a hint.

It comes down to a little formula that goes like this:

“I’m creating a story about X and it’s interesting because of Y”

In online business,

where most people mess up is choosing the wrong “Y”.

Finding your interesting “Y” is almost blatantly obvious once you know how to identify it,

but lies hiding for most online business owners.

Get this simple little formula (and how to completely avoid being boring in your marketing), by joining the Email Elite gang before the June 1 deadline.

The cure lies here:


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