Like gum in a girls hair

Most markets are extremely crowded.


even if you feel like you’ve found your “unique spin” on the topic you’re sharing online,

chances are high there are 10 others with a similar angle.

For most people,

this ends up causing a battle for the scraps that are left over while the “big dawgs” in your space enjoy endless amounts of customers coming their way.

This is why you’ll hear me creating odd analogies in my emails and anywhere I’m sharing content.

I recommend you do the same:

Create fun analogies that your audience will remember.

They’ll end up sharing them as they describe their problems and giving you credit.

Because when you create fun ways of sharing concepts that are already being talked about,

(and beaten to death, frankly)

you end up sticking in your audience’s mind like chewing gum in a girls hair.

(see how I did that?)


some of these things are easy said than done.

While storytelling is an idea that’s easily grasped,

it’s seldom used.

That’s why even I track the ideas I come up with so that I can expand on them later and use in my emails, podcast interviews, videos, etc.

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