Be pistachio

There are three foundational pieces of every story:

  1. The Plot
  2. Drama
  3. Emotion

Let’s talk about the most critical aspect (IMO) that I see most people completely mess up:


While target marketing is important,

it’s even more important to keep in mind that we’re marketing to humans –

– and humans are emotional creatures.

(some more than others)


there are two extremes when it comes to emotions:

Good emotions and bad emotions.

Your goal in your marketing to be on one end of the spectrum at all times,

and to never float in the middle.

^^that’s why most marketing is vanilla –

– because it’s easier to just be mundane and do what everyone else is.

So in a world filled with vanilla businesses and their products,

I recommend doing what Sally Hogshead taught me:

Be pistachio.

Truth be told,

it takes a bold individual to to be at the opposite ends of this emotional spectrum,

because people will either love you or hate you…

… but either way,

they’ll be doing your marketing for you.

And THAT, sweetheart,

is what effective storytelling is all about.


there’s a lot more to using emotion effectively to sell more products and services online,

and we haven’t even broken into The Plot and Drama here.

So if you want to learn what it takes to stand out from the crowd,

then Email Elite is the flavor you need.

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