Business friends without benefits

There are many costs of running a business online.


landing page software,

Paypal fees,


But there’s no worst cost the one associated when you lose a customer,

because now you’ve lost time.

So when it comes to landing more customers,

there are two factors that you need working in your favor to want to get people buy

(or to buy more):

Value and Comfort

Value is the economics of the situation.

Is it priced right?

Does it give as much in return for their payment?

Will the product do what’s promised if they invest?


on the other hand,

is how your product makes your customer feel.

Is your sales copy hitting the actual pain point?

Or, is it only talking about the product?

Will this product end up just “sitting on the shelf”?


You need a balance of Value and Comfort.


The interesting part is this:

They cancel each other out.

Too much value and they’ll feel like “it’s too good to be true”.

^^you just lost a sale.

Too much comfort and they’ll never buy.

^^you just gained a friend…

… who will never buy.

(is that called a friend without benefits?…)

But there is good news.

It’s this:

There are two things that will make your target customer see your product as more valuable while making them comfortable at the same time:

Getting results with a previous purchase from you, or,

hearing stories.

That’s right.

People looooovvveeee hearing about their problems,

others who’ve experienced it,

success stories,

even failure stories.


If you want stellar results online and to not lose customers,

Storytelling becomes the most important asset.

Which brings us to this month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training.

It shows you how to uncover your product’s story with a simple formula,

so that it’s clear why your target audience should buy.


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Jeremy Montoya


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