Give your business the added “juice”

Just 100 years ago existed a not-so-popular fruit called the “Chinese Gooseberry”.

Then New Zealand got a hold of it and renamed it to the “kiwifruit” to give it mass-market appeal.

It was one small tweak that pushed it over the edge.

Over the last year I’ve noticed the same thing with my coaching students and countless clients:

In most cases they know exactly what they need to be doing in order to be successful –

– they just aren’t doing it –

– and it’s one small tweak that pushes them over the edge and into a thriving business they love…

… just like renaming the “Chinese Gooseberry” gave the kiwi the extra juice (lol) it needed to push it over the edge.

^^it’s all in the story that’s being told or that you’re telling yourself.


take a page from the kiwi and consider what small tweak your story needs to make it a success.


If you’re serious about those small tweaks that push you and your business over the edge,

then look no further than my premier coaching and digital program Email Elite.

This month’s exclusive members-only training on Storytelling walks you through more of these small tweaks that are waiting to be discovered in your life and business,

and exactly how to find and use that info to land more customers.

You’ll also get personal help from me apply these concepts in your included coaching sessions and monthly Q&A Jam Sessions that come with your membership.

The ‘juice’ awaits you here:

Jeremy Montoya


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