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A recent note that recently tickled my inbox from Email Elite member Ntathu:

“Every decision we make effects the world”…wow…Jeremy thank you.

Just started to listen to this month’s presentation about Goal Setting and that sentence really made me pause and reflect.

Am very thankful for the way you have put this course together and I can tell, just from the above sentence (less than 5 minutes into presentation) that I have come home. Thank you.”

The fun is just getting started, Natathu..

Because this month’s topic is something that’s widely talked about but never practically explained:


I mean,

look around online…

There are COUNTLESS personalities in each niche and industry,

but you only remember a few.

What sets them apart?


I can tell you what it’s not:

It’s not them looking around at others and copying them…

It’s not fancy colors, cool looking websites, or how many followers they have…

It’s how they make you feel.

Let’s call it the “feel factor”.


when you know how to tap into said “feel factor” –

(by knowing the right way to tell the story of your product and how it will change your target customer’s life)

– it makes it clear why they should invest with you versus others in your space.

You can invest money into your site, focus on getting more followers, and copy everyone else.


You can leverage storytelling and the “feel factor” to set your business and products apart from other “me too” personalities in your space.

Catch some feelings here:


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