The “branding” misconception

Most people these days want to stand out from the crowd,

but wanting and actually doing are two separate things.

For instance:

I see a lot of people being taken for “branding” packages and the like.

They’ll shell out $3k for someone to pick the perfect colors for their brand,

make them landing pages,

and a meme template for their InstaGlam posts.

While the above could make even yours truly as pretty as a poinsettia,

it does nothing for the bottom line.

But I get it, you’re trying to stand out.


“Branding” and well-chosen colors can’t be communicated person to person very well.


In order to be memorable, have your message spread by others, and to make it clear who you are and what you offer,

you don’t need branding.

You need a story.

The upside is that you already have your story…

The downside is that it has to be “unlocked”.

Uncovering your story requires asking a specific set a questions –

– and knowing what to do with them once you have the answers.

It’s so simple that even the newest online entrepreneur fresh out of brunch could implement it,

And even the savviest business owner could leverage it to make their brand, business, and products more effective.

It’s all inside the June Email Elite Exclusive Training.

This, and more parts of your online business to be unlocked await you.

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