Why you should click “unsubscribe” now

My friend Sandie from SnapSnap just walked into Starbucks to hang – so I gotta make this quick.

At the bottom of every email you send from your email service provider is a little link that says “Unsubscribe”.

In fact,

it’s actually mandated by law to have this if you’re sending out a “blast” email.

The link allows you to remove yourself from the list and never receive updates again.


every now and again people like to get tricky and make it to where even when you click the link,

you don’t get unsubscribed.

I see the same thing going on in real life.

You see,

there are a lot of things that will creep into your head that keep you from where you want to go.

Maybe they’re limiting beliefs you aren’t aware of, the story you tell yourself, or who you allow yourself to be around.

Whatever the situation, you need to scroll down the proverbial email and click “unsubscribe”.


every now and again the link won’t work.

You’ll keep hearing the crap,

keeping yourself in a never ending loop of self-sabotage,

and exposing yourself to people who do nothing for you.

It takes a different kind of will power to get rid of that, but once you become aware of it you can make the choice to give it your attention or not.

Here’s what it comes down to:

There isn’t enough time in your life to put up with sub-par ideas, people, or things.


Look around your life and see what you need to “unsubscribe” from in order to make forward progress.

^^This business stuff is a mindset,

Which is why I hesitated to name my premier product “Email Elite” – because it’s so much more.

Any who,

If you want to learn more of the mindset required to grow your business online these days,

then make your way over the link below and click “subscribe” instead:


Jeremy Montoya


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