The Got Dam Internet

This morning wasn’t like many others.

I woke up in a funk.

Could’ve been the Mother’s-day blues and not having mine around…

Or maybe overworking,

Who knows?

Come to think of it…

Mom serves as a lot of motivation for what I do these days.

I just feel so blessed to still be alive and I want to do something with it.

This reminded me of something we as entrepreneurs need to do on a daily basis:

Express happiness and gratitude.

Be so happy and grateful for the chance to create your own life and schedule,

but at the same time be so driven for more that you continue to aim for the fences.

Think about it:

We have the got damn internet.

This gives us the ability to type a few keys and potentially have the World see our message.

It’s unlike any other time in history.


We become so used to it that we take it for granted.

^^sounds a lot like the little things in our lives.

Whatever your situation may be,

take a look around and express thanks for what you do have.

Maybe it’s the ability to walk,

or to breath,

or that you’re still alive.

Or smaller,

like your coffee this morning, shirt on your back, or even the bugs on your windshield.

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