22 years

It was a few days before my 22nd birthday when my Mom passed away from a fight with brain cancer.

This makes Mother’s day bring up a variety of interesting feelings.

Somewhere in the between the sadness and happiness lies a feeling of gratitude that I was able to have her around for almost 22 years.

My Mom is a driving force in everything I do.

She loved unconditionally and always made it known.

No matter what age you are, losing your Mom isn’t easy.

Every day I wake up I realize how lucky I was to have her around,

but also how lucky I am to still be alive.

You must live in such a way that you have it all, but go to sleep each night peaceful knowing that you gave it your all.

Life is crazy and can be taken away in just a moment.

In fact,

I don’t think there’s a more powerful way to be in your business than to work hard for more but to be thankful for what you already have.

When you come from that place you attract all the email subscribers, clients, and customers into your world that you can handle.

No, you don’t just “wake up and have it all”,

But when you get your mind right your actions follow.

There’s more to this way of living, but I’m out of time (so to say) for the moment.

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