Business building and making the “email monkey” dance

From my inbox this morning:

I have been studying and researching for a long time. I really want to start online, especially with an e-mail list, but I’m stuck where it seems everyone else does:

What’s my niche?

Any tips on finding this out?

I’ll say the same thing I tell my students –

(who I often refer to as “Day Job Ditchers”):

You shouldn’t start with an email list.

^^ya, I said it.

List-building takes time, sweet thang.


if your goal is to quickly create a stream of revenue – so that you can leave your job, create your own financial security, and be in control of your destiny – then wait on the email list.

What to do instead?

Build a “reverse email list”.

It’s the key to creating a sustainable business –

especially if you’re just starting out.

(and will make your list-building efforts 10x more valuable when the time is right to scale)


it’s harder than setting up a WordPress blog or getting the MailChimp email monkey to dance…

But it actually gets you closer to making money.

I’ve been sharing my process exclusively to my one-on-one students, and I’m thinking about sharing it with a few more people who are eager to understand the basics of creating a business from scratch.


Go here.

Jeremy Montoya


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