Swimming towards margaritas

While at a local mastermind last night:

We had a guest sharing about major breakthroughs in their career and pushing through tough times, when, he explained an analogy for biz that’s oh so fitting for online business owners when it comes to list-building and management.

It went:

If you aren’t in the pool then you aren’t swimming.

You’re watching from the deck.

It takes guts to build a community and to mail them.

Sending that first newsletter to your list is nerve-wracking.

You’ll sit and wonder if you’re a fraud,

thinking “who am I to be talking about this??”,

And shake nervously as you go to press ‘send’.

But at the end of the day,

you’re swimming.

You’re taking a risk and making big things happen in your life.

And, with big risk comes great reward.

Jumping in the deep-end is something to be proud of, regardless of who’s watching and from where.

Because most of the time you’ll be the only one celebrating –

That’s OK.

(by that time you’ll be on a floating raft with black shades, sunscreen on your nose, and margarita in arms-reach)

Take each win with stride and keep pushing.

^^That’s the Email Elite way of life.

In fact,

There were a few things that inspired me that I’ll be adding to this month’s Email Elite Training.

You’ll likey.

Jump in the deep-end here:


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