What to do when you’ve ‘number-oned’ all your time away

There are two types of “Monday people” in the online entrepreneur space:

1) The-“I have a fresh week ahead of me!”-type


2) The-“holy crap I have too much to do and it’s barely Monday!”-type

Neither of them is better than the other.

In fact,

most of us start out as number one, get better, then evolve to number 2.

^^but they are two sides of the same coin.


Being in charge of your time requires a game-plan of sorts…

You have to protect your time while finding ways to get more of it.


While the first type is probably not getting anything done, the second feels like they’re chasing their tail endlessly –

And they’re both just ‘number one-ing’ their valuable time away.

I’ve been on both sides.

The answer?

It lies in knowing what to do in order to be effective in your business so that you have money in the bank.

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