Lame-o’s claiming “necessary for success”

Coming to you live from the most hipster place I could find in town – dirty almond-milk chai in hand.

Every Sunday I do this special thing where I hit my favorite vegan restaurant and then head to a local coffee shop to write my email.


since today’s the first of the month,

(welcome to May)

I had a couple tasks to do prior….

… updating finance tracking schtuff, reviewing my month, planing for this next month, and some rituals I always do.

Any who,

those things got sort of “in the way” of doing my normal daily routine like writing this email to you – but they’re priorities I’ve committed to.

And so it is.

Well, a lot of people tout tactics as “necessary for success”.

(these lame-o types are usually the same ones cheering you on to grow your social following or get more likes)


if you don’t form the habits necessary to implement said tactics then you’ll never make it in the online business world.


Success is a habit.

Luckily for you it’s learnable.

Things like setting priorities, creating space, setting (and hitting) goals, managing yourself, getting others to help you succeed with major milestones in your business, etc., etc.

^^it’s all learnable.

In fact, getting to all of the above is inside this month’s Email Elite Training.

While Email Elite certainly isn’t for everyone –

– like if you aren’t wanting to build your list, trying to find the right products to sell online, or looking for freedom from your job or freelancing services –

– it can help budding online business entrepreneurs.

But time’s moving fast for your chance to join in time for this month’s training.

Success made learnable here:

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