Slippery slope causes business turmoil

Running a business (and staying sane) is near impossible at times.

It ain’t for everyone.

Case and point:

I recently had a few clients drop off in my various businesses.


You thought I only help people build and monetize lists?

diversity my friend, diversity…)

If said clients would’ve dropped off last year I would’ve been in hot water – to put it nicely.

But things are different these days.

Money is coming from multiple sources,

I have a team surrounding me (thank God),

And I’m no longer “hurting for it”.

^^Which takes an entirely different mindset required for continued growth – more on that in a future email or maybe an Email Elite training – who knows?…

If you aren’t prioritizing your education and business first, then you’re in for a slippery slope.

One that consists of 16 hour days 6–7 days a week, constant tail-chasing, relying on flaky people for your meal-ticket, and lots of biz and personal turmoil.

That’s why your education and biz must come first.

How will you best serve your clients if you aren’t improving?

How can biz grow if you aren’t “growing it”?


I know this will only hit home with one or two people reading.

But that’s OK.

Those are the folks I want to work with – lurkers can keep lurking or disagreeing with how “right” I am.

Any who…

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painless and simple

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