Charming, and yet, krap-free list-building strategies

Subscriber Kelly Bourne shares a success story that made my inbox (and ego) happy:

Just had to share another “win” I’ve had thanks to all of your advice:

My list has now increased 51% in only 3 weeks after implementing your tips — one of the biggest was what you mentioned in your email today — cutting the crap and focusing your time and attention on what’s going to grow your list and build your biz.

And hello — that was with no boosts, no paid advertising, nada.

Just straight up Jeremy Montoya goodness. ;)

Ah, yes, the “cutting the crap” strategy.

Works like a charm, Kelly ;)


For some reason everyone likes to find 101 reasons why not to build a list and sell to it.


Isn’t that why we’ve built businesses?

Now, there’s a healthy balance needed between building your list and making offers –

everything else is a distraction.

The easiest way to avoid distractions?

(c’mon, we all have them)

It’s simple:

Setting boundaries.

But, that’s the tough part.

You’ll experience backlash from those closest to you often times, but you’ll tackle big goals like it’s no one’s business.

When it comes to setting and managing your goals, you must “create space”.

Setting boundaries is the key to making that happen so that you’re achieve any goal you set out for.

Yes, this is also a priceless lesson for life goals as well.

It’s all in the very first Email Elite Training (which you can access if you enroll before May 4th).

Look, if you aren’t determined to do whatever it takes to grow your business, then Email Elite certainly isn’t for you.

There are dozens of Fakebook groups and online courses teaching “platform building” that would love to take your money and waste your time.

None of that here.

Just pure, crap-free strategies.

Jeremy Montoya


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