Two-year-old teaches goal-setting

My God son is going through the “terrible two’s” right now.

Which means a lot of fun moments…

… followed by kicking and screaming…

… then nap time…


That means doing things like playing with his toys to make it look fun, putting on a song he loves, or giving him something he wants to get him to stop crying.

Yes, it’s essentially bribing.


the funny part is that you must do the same thing to yourself as a business owner:

Distract yourself from distractions.

There’s a concept I subscribe to (and start every task with) called “trigger plus reward”.

It’s double-handedly the way I’ve accomplished any goal in my business – like working with some of the biggest names in my space, starting an agency from scratch, and building and monetizing my email list.


I covered the exact formula you can follow so that you can reach big goals with ease

(and reap wicked rewards in the process)

on Periscope last night.

The thing is – it’ll expire around 4:30 PM PST.

I’ll be covering even more of it in an upcoming training exclusively for Email Elite members (which you can still join and have access to for only a few more days).

Watch the broadcast before it comes down here:

Jeremy Montoya

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