I want to be like you when I (finally) grow up

Coming to you from my neighborhood Starbucks.

I gotta keep this one short because Elvis has been caged up –

and I’m sure he’s growing anxious.

Here’s a question I used to hate back in school:

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

It was asked at every grade level I can remember…

.. and to be honest:

I still have no clue.

This is the same mistake I see happening when most go to plan their business goals:

You start thinking about “five years out” and what it’ll look like,

how much money you’ll be making,

what you’ll be doing,

who will be around, etc.

The problem is that is near impossible for us to think (and see) more than 90 days out.

Yes, bigger picture is required.

But so is the small picture…

And what to do right “now”.

(“now” is such an interesting topic. We shall save this for another day)

Balance is the goal –

Along with a healthy helping of actionable steps.

While every “Email Elite” Member walks away with this after everyone one of our calls – it’s a mission critical way of thinking every online business owner (especially solo-entrepreneurs) must internalize.

After all,

We’re our own bosses.

And we must be the most diligent askholes we’ve ever experienced if we want success in any reasonable amount of time.

Hence this months “Email Elite” Training:

How to set big goals in your business (and life) that you can take action on daily.

I’d say it’s equal parts “woo” and focused execution.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to handle your goals for your email list subscriber base, revenue you’d like to make (and what to focus on in order to make it), and any goals business or personal.

If that’s your cup o’ tea, get your mug filled here:


Jeremy Montoya

PS – a few of you have been asking about a monthly payment option.

It’s getting setup, so hit reply if you’re interested and I can forward over the details.

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