For the last few years I’ve done something strange.

Whenever I’m trying to reach a new goal in my life I get completely obsessed with it.

For instance, in high-school I wanted to become a national officer of the student organization I was in. I wound up driving my family mad when I posted my goal everywhere my eyes would pass over during the day.

(like on TVs, above doorways, my school binder, mirrors, my car gauges, and even in the shower)


Well, I still do the same today.

(ok, no goals posted in shower – yet.)

While I think there is some ‘woo-woo’ stuff involved here, it serves a different purpose:

It keeps me on track.

When you get distracted (think: dis-tracked), you’ll have a reminder that motivates you to think different and ask yourself questions to get back.

Now, this is just one small part of how you can hit BIG goals in SMALL amounts of time.

Like growing your list, revenue goals in your business, or even life goals you aspire to reach.

The problem with most “goal-setting” teaching these days is that they cause you to think small and over long periods of time –

– which is a big ‘no-no’ in my book.

In this month’s Email Elite Training, I’ll be showing you the right way to set big goals in your life and business – as well as how to create synergy throughout all of your life so that one goal impacts the next.

Your big goals await you here:


Jeremy Montoya

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