Know your goal and shut yo’ mouf

Yesterday I chatted with a potential client who’s been taking their sweet time making a decision.

The decision?

Does he use my services to help him leverage the assets he already has?

(see: an email list with over 100K subs that has never been mailed)

Or go with a jack-of-all trades agency promising the world via paid traffic?

It’s a tried an true strategy vs. shiny object in my opinion.

Later on, I hung out with a good friend and his younger brother.

Younger brother tells me his goal is to be in the NBA.

Now, what’s interesting about this – and why it matters to you and your business – is that I gave prospect and brother the same advice:

“Know your goal and shut yo’ mouf.”

(ok, it was teeny-bit nicer, but you get the picture)

Without knowing your goal, you’ll be stuck reacting to shiny object after shiny object.

At the same time, there’s nothing wrong if you like shiny objects –

(the same as thinking nice basketball shoes, socks, and shorts are going to make you an all-star)

– as long as you realize your efforts will never equate to much more than a hobby.

But, to each their own, and I’m not here to judge…

However, I only play with people serious about results.

No hobbyists here.

Same with my products and programs:

You’re all-in or you’re all-out.

Any who…

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