A ‘weird’ way to email

The question of the hour:

“What do I send to this email list you helped me create, Jeremy?”

Well, the fun part is this:

You can send them literally anything.

The beauty of having a list is that you can do anything with it…


(a brief word of caution…)

This is a double-edge sword that I see most online business owners take one of two ways:

They end up sending something stupid,


They sit around thinking of what to say and end up saying nothing at all.

Weeks (see: months) go by where you haven’t been in contact with your list you worked so damn hard to create…

And your efforts are wasted.

The fact is this:

The opposite of forward progress is not ‘standing still’

No, it’s moving backwards.

^^this applies to health, love, money, business – you name it.

What to do with your email list is no small question.

(which is why I’m creating the unwritten guide to handling your email list – with all the ins and outs like storytelling, segmenting, writing powerful headlines, and making offers to your list. Email Elite members will get it free)

Enter an email from subscriber Ntathu:

…last night, I sent a random email to my list, with the subject line “what’s your dream?” and was surprised and very touched this morning when three readers responded.

So weird, in the past two-three weeks I have had more readers respond to this type of emails than all the long newsletters and other bits I sent over past 4–5 years.

The only thing more ‘weird’ is what happens when you fully apply my system for list-building and monetizing.

More ‘weird’ stuff here:


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