Here’s to being looney.

Being an entrepreneur takes a kind of fortitude they just don’t make at the factory.

We’re looney.

Hell, some would call us “stupid”.

Leaving a nice comfy paycheck and a day job to really understand what a “day” job we have in front of us – because it usually goes on through the night.

There has to be a “crazy” of sorts buried deep down to stick with any amount of this lifestyle.

It sounded a lot prettier when we read 4-hour Workweek and were watching Shark Tank on Hulu.

It seemed like we could have it overnight when we were listening to podcasts about “passive income” and being “great”.

We swim against the grain into unknown territory, foreign to our friends and family – so the people we need most don’t even understand what we’re up to as we slam our fingers into the keys of our laptops and wake up early as hell, only to go to bed late as shit.

It isn’t easy.

If it was – everyone would do it.


Not you.

Not I.

Not “us”.

The easy path just wasn’t made with us folks in mind.

Here’s to you –

Here’s to not having it easy –

And here’s to being looney.

Jeremy Montoya

Me + Your Inbox = Pure passion.

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