The 4/20 may have gotten to them

This just happened:

I got off a call with Email Elite founding member Julie.

While talking, she asked if I had an “unwritten rulebook for sending high-quality emails”.

Come to think of it…

Most of it’s just in my head.

(and in your inbox hehe)

So, in the moment, I divulged my inside-tips for how to not only get her emails opened – but what to do in order to make sales with every email she sends from here on out while continuously building a rock-solid relationship with her audience.

After we hung up she sends me over a “guide to writing emails” from a major email service provider.

(who shall go unnamed)

It listed things all the trendy fluff these days “bring value to your readers” and “use HTML emails” – you get the picture.

^^I think some second-hand 4/20 may have gotten to them.

It was basically the exact opposite of everything I recommended on our call.

(how’s that for “eccentric”?)

Any who – my “unwritten guide” is now in the works.


Before you know how to leverage your list, you gotta make sure the right people are signing up.

Which is why I created the “Elite Analysis”.

(where I go through every page on your website and show you exactly what you need to change – or do more of – so that the right visitors to your site can’t leave without signing up and checking out your products and services)

I’m offering it at a reduced rate to anyone on my list…

But am only doing a handful.

(a guy only has so much time in the day)


If you want me on your site to help you get more quality subscribers on your list –

Hit reply now with your URL and I’ll let you know if you’re fit.

Jeremy Montoya

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