“Eccentric” blog tips

Recently I’ve been giving tips to students and clients on their blogs.

(mostly from private clients and early-bird Email Elite members who made the wise chose to get the “Elite Analysis” – a $249 value)

Tips that (I believe) are the keys to growing effective email lists and selling more online products.

(even you’ve been in the game for years and have a “huge list”, or are fresh out the womb when it comes to online marketing)

I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Before that, here are some of the “eccentric” (as one of my clients recently put) tips I’ve been giving:

*What to do in order to capture warm website visitors on your site (and how to turn cold visitors “warm” to your personality and products)

*An ancient secret you can use on your sales pages to practically suck your target market that compels them to buy (without sounding salesy or scammy)

*What kind of pop-ups you should completely avoid (and the right time to use the ones I recommend)

*How to properly structure your home page so that it becomes a lead-generation machine

*When to turn off sidebars (but still capture emails on this certain kind of blog page)

And a lot more.

So here’s the deal:

I’ll eventually only be offering the “Elite Analysis” as an option to Email Elite members when they make the smart decision to invest.

But for a short time, I’ve decided to open it up as an individual product my subscribers can use to strengthen their blog so that it’s optimized for list-building.


Well, it’ll help me add to the success stories I’ve been collecting and add even more fuel to the Email Elite fire.

So here’s what you need to do if you want to get my eyes on your site:

Simply reply to this message with your website, and I’ll let you know if you’re a fit.

(I’m not here to waste your money, and especially not my time)

If it’s a fit, I’ll send you next steps to get an “Elite Analysis” done on your site.


Reply now,

Jeremy Montoya

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