How to *quickly* feel like a king in your business

I recently discovered (and fell in love with) a food delivery service called “Favor”.

Much like ordering an Uber – you pick a restaurant, tell’em what you want, and in a short time it’s delivered to your front doorstep.

Yes, it might cost you double in the green stuff, but when it comes to gaining 45 minutes of your time back – it’s priceless.

I feel like a king every time I use the service.

In fact, last week it probably added around 3 hours to my week…

Which helped me not only create and launch Email Elite, it helped me pick up and leave when my family called and needed help in New Mexico.

It also aligns with something I’ve been reading in 80/20 by Perry Marshall:

There are 4 types of tasks in any business…

$10 tasks, $100 tasks, $1,000 tasks, and $10,000 tasks.

And the goal is to stay closer to $1,000 – $10,000 tasks as much as possible.

The $10 tasks are things like cleaning, menial tasks, and errands (like cooking/shopping/ordering food).

^^You outsource those first.

I think every business owner should take a gander and apply his teachings in their business.


Check it out here:

Jeremy Montoya

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