Just what the doctor ordered

This email is PROBABLY going to piss a lot of people off.

In fact..

I bet I’ll get a handful of unsubscribes and replies saying how wrong I am.


Because I’m about to bust 3 big myths about running an online business.

Myths that I see most people falling to.

(and causing them to lose lots of the green stuff every month)

Let’s do this.

Myth Numero Uno: You must teach, teach, teach on your blog.


First, people don’t value what they don’t pay for.

Second, a lot of people seem to think that by giving away your best stuff first, everyone is gonna run to pay you.


Focus on problems and save the hard stuff for your products.

Myth Numero Dos: You must have a pretty blog with pictures and videos.

I saved this for second because of the countless conversations I have with people saying “I’m going to wait for my blog to be re-branded, THEN I’ll launch product X.”

Which is a just a way to procrastinate.

If my sites went down, I’d still have email lists to mail and profit from.

In fact, you don’t even need a blog to capture emails.

(and never have needed it in the first place)

Myth Numero Thres: You must be active on social media.

(the social gurus are going to be shaking their fists at the sky while yelling swear words followed my name at this one)

Likes don’t equal dollars.

Ditto for followers.

I dunno about you, but I’m not getting checks from FakeBook, Tweeter, or SnapSnap.

Social media is the biggest distraction I see these days – and I often get “thank you’s” from business owners who cut SM out, focus on email, and start to make more money than ever before.

So, if the 3 myths above aren’t necessary to run an online business, then what its?

To put it simple:

Building a list and monetizing it.


Well, I’ll be teaching all of it to Email Elite Members.

When you sign up before Midnight tonight, you get a slew of bonuses to the tune of $1K+.

My methodology is simple.

It’s not bright and shiny like the other courses being pimped online these days.

But you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll whip you and your biz into shape.

It’s just what the doctor ordered:


Jeremy Montoya

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