Drugs that let you “unlock” your email list

I finally saw the movie “Lucy” last night upon arriving in New Mexico for a last-minute family trip.

(one of the many joys that comes with this online biz lifestyle is packing the laptop, grabbing Elvis, and jetting. Any who…)

In it, Scarlett Johansson has a powerful bag of drugs implanted in her that ruptures, enters her bloodstream, and unlocks the vast powers of her brain.

As it goes, most studies show we mortals can only access around 10% of our brain power.

Which is similar to most online business owners I know:

They start their blog…

… get some email subscribers…

… but don’t know where to go next.

^^That’s the 10%.

20% = mailing them on a semi-regular basis.

30% = making offers.

And so on.

The drug that lets you unlock 40%+ of your email list?

Well, if there was one, it’d be called “Email Elite”.

(which has a plethora of bonuses tallying up to $1K that go away later tonight)

I’ll be covering all of this in upcoming monthly Jam Sessions (that only Email Elite members will have access to).

Some of them on the books:

  • Storytelling (this is single-handlely the ultimate way to capture – and keep – the attention of your target market if you’re looking to sell digital products)
  • Funnels (where you learn how to make money from new subscribers and customers from day one)
  • Content Strategy (how to know what kind of content you should make so that you stand out online and don’t waste your time in the process)

That’s just the start.

(and one part of Email Elite)

Find out more about the program and sign up here:


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