You’ll need your ‘big girl’ cajones to grow your business

An email response to “what’s holding you back from building your email list?”

“things that have been holding me back:

…not having the cajones to really get out there and talk about what i’m really passionate about. which i’m now doing. but i still don’t know how to build a list.”

Keep in mind – people with HUGE audiences face the same concerns like:

  • How will I be look?
  • What if I don’t know what to sell?
  • What if no one buys?

The first questions is mindset – and part of it is getting used to “putting yourself out there”.

Question/concern 2 & 3 are a bit different, though.

See, anyone can build an email list.

But knowing your market, their biggest problem, and exactly what they’ll run to buy is different.

We’ll cover this during our one-on-one sessions – as well as during our “Deep Dive” Call – one of the bonuses you get for signing up to be an Email Elite Founding Member.

But you have to ask yourself:

Am I serious about growing my business, or is it just a hobby?…

Because the bonuses and the lowest price you’ll ever be able to join Email Elite…

(to get my one-on-one help and to be a part of a community focused on results in your online business)…

… vanish tonight.

To be a member, you’ll have to commit to:

  • Stretching your comfort-zone
  • Pushing forward
  • Forgetting ANYONE who doesn’t have anything constructive to say about your attempts


… AND…

… you’ll have to put on your ‘big girl’ cajones and give it all you got.

Got them on?


Now go here to sign up:

Jeremy Montoya

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