Why you should build your list like a politcian

This time of year the TV is filled with election ads…

… and my mailbox is full of wasted paper trashing the other politicians.

Everyone is doing the same thing these days, so it only takes a small (but bold) action to stand out.


It was a family friend came knocking on my parents door when I was younger and he was making his rounds through the neighborhood.

They all caught up with each other, then he explained that he was running for mayor.

He had a tight budget and worked a full-time job. But in his little spare time he hoofed it on foot around the city…

knocking door-to-door to build relationships…

so he could show why they should vote for him.

He could’ve spent what little money he did have to send out direct mail pieces.

Or, he could’ve borrowed money to run a TV ad.

(smart for avoiding these shiny objects)

This reminds me of most people trying to build an online business these days…

They see their favorite blogger using some tool so the have to buy it, too.

Or, better yet:

They try running ads on Facebook with little success because they don’t even know who their target audience is.

(they just target the pages of their favorite bloggers and gurus, who they secretly envy because of their success)

When, instead, they should be “running for mayor”.

I’ll explain…

List-building and selling online looks complicated because there’s so much noise about what to do.

If you want to build a strong list, (and actually make money from it) you HAVE to avoid distractions and run for mayor.


If you want to sell digital products and services, it takes a completely different mindset –

A mindset I’ll be teaching exclusively to Email Elite members.

It’s not cheap – but neither is going from course-to-course and experiencing costly setbacks.

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