Growing your list (and biz) in any environment

A good friend came to me the other day with a problem…

He had just stepped off stage at an event that had the exact target market he’s going after in his raw foods biz.

Being around me, he understands the importance of building an email list and digital products for his business…

But hasn’t gotten around to taking it serious.

After telling me more, he said that he tried figuring out how to collect emails from attendees, but got stuck thinking about the tech and just said “forget it”.


My advice:

Keep it simple.

(regardless of what enviroment you’re in)

Get out a piece of paper and have those folks fill that baby out!

It’s no different when you’re building your online business:

Most people get started going from site to site…

trying to figure out what tools their favorite blogger uses…

… wondering what social media network they should focus on…

… and then wind up taking no action.

(and getting little to no results)

Simplicity – whether you’re just building your list or you’re selling products (or planning to in the next few months) – is critical.

Combine that simplicity with a growing community of entrepreneurs in online industries of all kinds…

And you have yourself an incredible potion that will grow your business to the one you’ve been envisioning all along.

Which brings me to Email Elite.

(and the $1k+ business-building bonuses you get for signing up before Sunday at Midnight)

It’s only for the investment-minded entrepreneurs looking for an experienced vet who’s helped online business owners big and small to take them under their wing


And help you focus on the critical few things that impact growing your business –

And bank account.

Get your paws on it while the bonuses are still on the table:

Jeremy Montoya

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