Should you monetize your email list?

I get asked this a lot:

“My email list is growing faster and faster, when should I monetize it?”


What’s today???

(I’m real good at beating around the bush)

Look, I couldn’t care less about how big your email list is in most situations OR how much you mail them. There are times when that’s vital (more about this tomorrow).

Yes, what matters at the end of the day is sales and revenue. And, yes, your email list makes this happen.

I’ll just say it like this:

What if your list was full of people who don’t trust or respect you?

Would it matter how big your list was?

Would they even open your email?

(let alone buy from you?)

I like to think unsubscribe rates are more useful.

But list size?

Not exactly.

When you think about it, you could easily write some guests posts or run a Facebook ad.


An email list.

A study was recently done that revealed people are 71% more likely to buy based on social media referrals (from people and brands they follow, and, are therefor a fan of).

But if you want to create something people are dying to buy, you can’t just attract eyeballs, you have to attract fans.

(people who respect and trust you, and want to tell the world about you)

This is the exact mindset I’ll download into your brain during one of our three 45 minute sessions together in Email Elite.

Because having an email list is a dime a dozen…

But having a raving fan base is rare.

Let’s dive into your business and find the perfect concoction that’ll serve your market and create fans that rush to buy your stuff.

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