Get the guru out yo face

You and both know you have it in you:

That “one product” that’s going to change everything in your business…

The way it runs, how much it makes, how your market perceives you, and telling others about it.

But it can be a complicated terrain – especially with every “guru” is slamming social media tactics, ‘how to build a blog’ courses, and everything in-between down your face.

^^None of which gets you closer to dollars.

Now we also know that it isn’t allll about money for you.

(although it would be nice to not have to worry about paying for online services it takes to run your business)

Which is what I discovered a little over a year ago:

I didn’t need to buy every course, follow every guru’s advice, nor did I need the countless landing page, web-hosting, and social sharing tools out there.

Here’s what I found it DID boil down to:

Getting people on a (free) email list and following up regularly.

Heck, I also found that once I had their attention for a burning problem they couldn’t get enough of me.

That’s when I was able to start investing in the fancy landing page software and not feel guilty about buy more domains (and them renew each year).

Which is exactly what you get in Email Elite:

We’ll dive head-first into your business to help you focus on the critical few things that drive results and build your audience.

While every other product out there says this is what you get… You actually end up with tons of fluff and social media how-to that does zilch.

Ready for a change in the norm?

Then mosey over and join the community focused on results and take advantage of over $1,000 in bonuses that go away this weekend:

Jeremy Montoya

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